Surviving Lockdown as a family

We are deep in the second week of Lockdown. If you haven’t felt the emotional impact of this lockdown, you will certainly start feeling it now. Who would’ve thought that being confined in one space with your loved ones could be so emotionally challenging? 

You might be used to spending time with your family and might have even been nagging your husband to dedicate more time with family, however, even you will soon appreciate the time he went out to work and the kids went to school. These are unfortunately not normal stay at home conditions. We have literally been forced to stay at home by an epidemic that has the whole world in a panic. Therefore, we find ourselves in a situation that normally would’ve been desirable without the stresses, frustrations, and restrictions that this lockdown comes with. 

So I decided to get some input from the Appchemist and the kids on how to best survive this lockdown so that we can come out of this period stronger than ever. 

This is what the Appchemist suggested we do. 

Work together

One of the first things that popped up when I thought about being home 24/7 with four kids and a husband, was all the meals I would have to prep. That is three meals a day times 21 days, which adds up to 63 meals excluding all the snacks in between and on top of that you have the tidying up to do before and after all those meals. I almost declared myself sick just so that I can self-quarantine in the room away from all of that responsibility. 

Let’s be honest, no one really feels like working during times such as these. I believe if it was possible, we would all just be sitting in front of the tv watching movies or just creating beautiful memories with our families. However, the reality is that things need to be cleaned and tummies need to be fed. 

So it is very important to work together, not only will it help to ease up mommy’s workload, but it will also foster calm, and teach the children some discipline and responsibility. Additionally, with everyone helping out, there will be more time for the fun activities and everyone will have more or less the same energy to engage in those activities. And no one wants to deal with an overworked moody mother. 

Make it comfortable for other people to live with you

This might be a bit tricky for the little ones, but for those who understand, it is very crucial to do self introspect and identify conditions that could possibly lead to you being unpleasant to be around. Once you have identified those conditions, you will be aware of your weakness and be able to come with solutions, to politely inform your family and also be able to withdraw yourself when you notice that you might be unpleasant to be around. 

Let humor be the order of the day

This situation we find ourselves in is so serious and has so many negative connotations around it that we can easily be consumed by its seriousness and negativity if we do not bring some humor into our daily lives. So joke around and have lots of fun. After all, it has been said that laughter is the best medicine and we need that medicine now more than ever. We need to remain happy, hopeful and positive throughout this lockdown. 

I also got input from Katlego and she says that we need to communicate, do activities together and reflect on life. 


This is the first time in our country that we are experiencing a 21 days lockdown, so there are a lot of uncertainties and frustrations that will only be ironed out with proper communication. We might know each other as a family, but a situation like this will bring up emotions and feelings that we will have to talk about. 

We need to communicate as couples about the uncertainties pertaining to our finances for instance and we need to communicate with the kids about the importance of the lockdown, reassuring them that all will be well. 

Family Activities 

You can really not expect kids to be stuck infant of the tv and phones for 21 days. They will get bored and start working on your nerve, so its better to just come up with at least one family activity per day. This will help you as a parent to loosen up and take your mind off work and the frustrations that come with this lockdown, it is also a fun way to bond as a family. Also if you have toddlers you know that playing is the best way for them to learn. 

Reflect on life

This one was a bit of a shocker coming from a 12-year-old as its such a mature suggestion. We are generally too busy to sit down and reflect on life as a family and this is the best time to do that, not just to pass time but to really make sure that the family will be able to get out of this situation both physically and emotionally ready to survive the changes that will occur as a result of this epidemic. 

This period can either be a memory of the time you were stuck with family for 21 days or a beautiful period of self-growth, building stronger relationships and creating beautiful memories with your family, if it is done correctly. 

Please let me know what you guys are doing to ensure that you’re not stepping on each other toes and making this period work out for everyone in the house. 

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