Homeschooling – Limiting The Impact of COVID-19 On Learners

The whole nation watched and listened on the 9th of April 2020 as the President cut off our countdown to the end of the Lockdown period we’ve been in, extending it by two weeks.

I can just imagine how heavy those words were on the ears of those who rely on the income they get from the day to day jobs they get. As difficult as this is, we must all just remember that it is all in our best interest as a country. Therefore, we should all play our role in ensuring that we flatten the curve so that we can move on to our new normal.

Things might not get back the way they used to be, however, our children will still have to pick up where they left off with their education. It is very important as parents and guardians to ensure that children spend some time on their school work. We do not know what the future holds for us, but what we do know is that children are falling behind and will have to work extra hard to catch up after this lockdown.

I know some schools have managed to workout assessments that the children can do at home. Unfortunately, not all schools will be able to do so; however, there are resources made available to help learners to continue their education at home.

Here are a few resources that you as a parent can use to help your children.

Television and Radio Broadcasting

  • The Department of Basic Education (DBE) and SABC have launched a multimedia learner support initiative as part of the broader efforts to help learners to catch up with school work, and in so doing, to limit the impact that the Lockdown might have on the school calendar. These programs will be broadcasted over the three SABC TV channels and 13 Radio stations with a YouTube channel for online support.

The television schedule is as follows:

SABC 1: Mon-Sun 05h00 – 06h00               

SABC 2: Mon – Fri and 09h30 -11h00

SABC 3: Mon – Fri 06h00 – 07h00

Learners and parents are encouraged to visit their local listings for Radio schedules.

  • The Mindset Network on DSTV has launched a new channel that focuses on grade 4-9, the entire General Education Training (GET) phase, including Early Childhood Development.

Online Teaching Platforms:

  • WorksheetCloud has opened up free online classes for grades 4-7 covering English, Mathematics and Natural science. The platform offers free classes with a worksheet for the kids to work on and a memorandum to mark the work. They are still working on including more grades.
  • The Siyavula Technology Powered Learning platform has partnered with MTN and Vodacom to make access to their website free, meaning their customers will not pay for the data used to access the website. This is a platform that offers support in Mathematics and science for grades 10-12.
  • Vodacom also has a virtual classroom that is fully CAPS aligned and free for all Vodacom users. The platform has easy to follow video lessons with homework questions and quizzes after each video.
  • There are many other online websites and applications for learners, these are just a few platforms that offer free learning.

The DBE also encourages learners to work through their Rainbow workbooks. These workbooks are also available online for those who do not have them.

The Department of Basic Education and various private companies are really working hard to prevent a total loss of school year, however, this might come with extra weight on both the learners and their teachers to catch up. Let us play our role in helping them to keep up with the work by encouraging them to put in some hours to do school work during this lockdown.

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